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Adelaide City Park Motel is a boutique style motel offering quality and detail in both accommodation and service. Featuring spacious rooms and magnificent balconies overlooking the serene parklands. A tranquil retreat in the heart of Adelaide! The inner city location provides easy walking access to major venues, attractions, shopping, nightlife, restaurants, cafes and business district. Whether for business or pleasure, come and enjoy a memorable experience in Adelaide with us, at Adelaide’s City Park Motel.

Our History

History of Adelaide City Park Motel

Built in 1858 the Green Dragon Hotel becomes Adelaide City Park Motel – Since the 1990s. 471 Pulteney Street, Adelaide – Adelaide City Park Motel is a State Heritage Place. The Green Dragon Hotel was built in 1858 for John Mitten as a two-storey public house of eight rooms with stables and stock yards. It served the teamsters and carriers entering the city. The associated Dragon Brewery, now demolished, was situated to the west of the hotel and operated until about 1910. Mitten died soon after completing the hotel, leaving it to his nine-year-old niece, Mary Cant. Little change was made to the building’s fabric, but a weighbridge was constructed on the hotel premises around 1864. In the early 1860s the City Council passed a by-law requiring all wood, bark, hay, straw and coals coming into the city for sale to be weighed and certified by a licensed weighbridge. 

Hotels sited at such ‘gateways’ into the city were the Stag on the eastern side; the Elephant and Castle on the western side; the Princess Royal on O’Connell Street (rebuilt in 1884 as the Oxford Hotel) to the north; and the Green Dragon to the south. A two-storey northern extension was erected in 1891 and a two-storey north-western rear extension was added in 1898. A balcony was added in 1924 and the weighbridge removed. Despite all these additions, the hotel retains a major proportion of its 1858 building and accross the entire first floor operates Adelaide City Park Motel.

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